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Saturday, April 28, 2018

MRM Deals of the Day 4/28/18

The last week has been a busy one in the MRM household, and we have been running behind in getting or MRM page at Amazon updated with the latest mystery releases, newly discounted eBooks and select pre-orders. We are back today with a huge update, including books from authors like Summer Prescott, Carolyn L. Dean, JA Whiting, PL Harris, Julia Buckley, Kathi Daley, Ruby Loren, Diane Vallery, Lee Strauss, Stella Bixby, Amy Vansant, Vivien Chen, Cleo Coyle, Rex Stout, Tonya Kappes, Kyla Colby, Mildred Abbott, Nic Saint, Faye Kellerman, Carole Nelson Douglas, Vanetta Chapman, Lotta Smith, Larissa Reinhart, Patti Benning and many more! 

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