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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Cozy Mystery Releases 5/30/17

Things have been busy in the MRM household over the past couple of weeks and we have spent a lot of time on the road, traveling to concerts, picking up our daughter from college, and taking a family vacation to Jekyll Island. So we have had not had time to summarize all of the latest mystery deals and new releases, and as a result we have a whole lot of catching up to do! Today we are summarizing a big batch of over 60 new cozy mystery releases that have come out over the past ten days. Among the new releases are:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 5/9/17

Today MRM Blog are sharing a nice large batch of new mystery releases and discounted mysteries for Kindle. There are also several good deals in Kindles and Fire tablets today! If you missed our large Friday daily deals post, you can find it here. As always, be aware that when we include prices, they may not last and are subject to change. Please double-check before you buy.

Today's new mystery releases include:
Today's discounted mysteries for Kindle include:
Today's device deals include:

Friday, May 5, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 5/5/17

Our apologies for not getting up a Daily Deals post each of the last 2 days. The first day was a happy occasion as we celebrated our 8 year old daughter's birthday, but yesterday was a nightmare as we spent the day on the phone trying to get health insurance company mistakes corrected. So today we have a nice big batch of over 50 new mystery releases and discounted Kindle books. As always, be aware that when we include prices, they may not last and are subject to change. Please double-check before you buy.

Today's new mystery releases include:

Today's discounted mysteries for Kindle include:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 5/2/17

It is the first Tuesday of the month, and as usual that means it is a big day for new cozy mystery releases! We have a nice batch of them to share with you, along with a bunch of newly discounted mysteries for Kindle. If you missed yesterday's deals, you can find them here. As always, be aware that when we include prices, they may not last and are subject to change. Please double check before you buy.

Today's new mystery releases include:
  • Julia Buckley's Death in Dark Blue, the second in her Writer's Apprentice mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime
  • Ellery Adams' Killer Characters, the eighth in her Books by the Bay cozy series from Berkley
  • Carolyn Q Hunter's Scary Sausage Waffle, the 13th in her Diner of the Dead culinary cozy series from Summer Prescott Books
  • Bailey Cattrell's (aka Bailey Cates and Cricket McRae)  Nightshade for Warning, the second in the Enchanted Garden cozy series 
  • Peg Cochran's Dead and Berried, the third in her Cranberry Cove cozy series
  • Emily Brightwell's Victorian historical cozy mystery Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong, the 35th in her popular Mrs. Jeffries series
  • Kathleen Bridge's Ghostal Living, the third in her Hamptons Home and Garden cozy series
  • Shawn Reilly Simmons' Murder is the Main Course, the fourth in her Red Carpet Catering culinary cozy series from Henery Press
  • Ellie Ashe's Miranda Vaughn Mysteries Boxed Set with the first 3 in her popular cozy series
  • Carolyn Hart's Walking on My Grave, the latest in her acclaimed Death on Demand traditional/cozy series
  • Hannah Dennison's Murderous Mayhem at Honeychurch Hall, the fourth in her Honeychurch Hall traditiona/cozy British mystery series 
  • Amanda Lee's The Bigfoot Blunder, the debut of the Charlie Rhodes cozy series from the author of the bestselling Wicked Witches of the Midwest series
  • Sharon Pape's Magick & Mayhem, the debut of her Abracadabra paranormal cozy series from Penguin/Random House's Lyrical Underground imprint
  • Peggy O'Neal Peden's Malice Domestic Award winning debut mystery Your Killin' Heart, the debut of her Nashville series
  • Elizabeth Duncan's Murder is for Keeps, the eighth in her Penny Brannigan cozy series
  • Susan C Shea's international cozy mystery series debut Love and Death in Burgundy with Katherine Goff, an American expat living in a small French village
  • Samantha Silver's Murder on the Oregon Express, the second in her Magical Bookshop paranormal cozy series
  • Barbara Jean Appleby's Fox and the Shadow Chasers, the debut of her Annie Fox/Kentucky cozy series
  • CC Dragon's Spells To Die For, the second in her Witch's Brew paranormal cozy series
  • Lily Harper Hart's Ghostly Wrecks, the sixth in her Harper Harlow paranormal cozy series
  • KM Carroll's Fire and Ice Cream, the debut of the Draconic Mysteries cozy series

Today's discounted mysteries for Kindle include:
  • Carlene O'Connor's cozy/traditional mystery Murder in an Irish Village, the well reviewed debut of her Irish Village series
  • Christy Evans' Sink Trap, the debut of her cozy series with software engineer turned plumber's apprentice Georgianna Neverall. From Berkley Prime Crime.
  • Ella Barrick's Quickstep to Murder, the debut of her Ballroom Dance cozy series from Berkley
  • Cindy Sample's Laurel McKay Mysteries Boxed Set, with the first 3 books in her popular humorous cozy series
  • Each of the first 2 books in Karen MacInerney's humorous cozy series with Margie Peterson are on sale for 99c for Kindle
  • Carol Perry's Caught Dead Handed, the debut of her Witch City paranormal cozy series from Kensington
  • Jennifer Fischetto's Lipstick, Lies and Dead Guys, the debut of her Gianna Mancini cozy series from Gemma Halliday Publishing
  • 3 of Catherine McKenzie's popular and highly praised psychological suspense novels are on sale for $1.50 each for Kindle: Fractured, Smoke, and Hidden. You can also get an extra 25% off if you buy all 3 with one click.
  • Each of the 3 books in Tara Sivec's popular Fool Me Once humorous/romantic mystery series are on sale for 99c for Kindle, and you can get an extra 10% off if you buy all 3 with one click
  • John Grisham's Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, the debut of his popular YA mystery series
  • Rachel Abbott's popular traditional British village mystery The Back Road
  • Janel Gradowski's Pies & Peril, the debut of her popular Culinary Competition cozy mystery series from Gemma Halliday Publishing

Monday, May 1, 2017

When the Character Comes Alive - A Guest Post by Anne Louise Bannon

Anne Louise Bannon is celebrating the release of her latest mystery novel, The Last Witnesses.  She joins us today with a peek at how character development affects the writing process. 

By Anne Louise Bannon

If you’ve ever heard a writer talk as if her or his characters were real, living human beings, you might wonder if said writer was a little wacky. Not really. For many of us (and I’m not saying every writer), we look forward to that moment when our characters stop being words on paper and starting banging around in our heads as real people.
It means, for me, that my characters are coming from that really deeply intuitive part of me that’s the most creative. It also means that occasionally one of my characters is going to say or do something completely unexpected.
That’s what happened when I was writing my latest novel, The Last Witnesses. The mystery is set in 1925 and features Freddie Little, a millionaire socialite who happens to have written a book. Now, in the first book in the series, Fascinating Rhythm, Freddie meets his editor Kathy Briscow, who becomes his friend and (in book two, Bring Into Bondage) his wife.
We first meet Freddie’s mother, Gloria Derby Little, in Fascinating Rhythm, and as I originally saw her, she was this grand matron, completely disinterested in her adult children, kind but in a very noblesse oblige sort of way. So you can imagine my amazement when I’m writing along on book three, The Last Witnesses, and Freddie’s having tea with his mother and she mentions that she’s not only read Freddie’s book but liked it a great deal. In the book, Freddie’s jaw pretty much hits the floor. And that’s pretty much what my jaw did. What? Stuffy old Gloria not only reads but reads F. Scott Fitzgerald (who was pretty radical at the time). What the heck just happened here?
Actually, as I thought about it, it made more sense that way. Freddie must have gotten his love of writing and language from somewhere, and why not his mother, even if he didn’t realize it? Also, in a later scene, I had planned that Gloria would accept Kathy and her marriage to Freddie. The stuffy old matron I had originally envisioned would have had a much harder time coming to terms with Kathy, who comes from a poor farming family in Kansas. So it was much better if Gloria turned out to be a very well-read, lively and reasonably open-minded woman.
Fortunately, it didn’t mess up the plan I’d made for my plot, and Gloria is turning out to be quite interesting, as I’m discovering while writing Book Four. I have had it happen in another book (and another series) where someone came to life in an odd way and changed everything. But the story was much better for it.

It’s all about learning to trust that deeply intuitive place in my brain. And it’s a lot of fun when it happens. Even if I have some re-writing to do. Because if a character is doing something odd, that means he or she is becoming real, and that’s the best part of all, even if it makes me sound a little wacky when I’m talking about it.

About the Author
Anne Louise Bannon is an author and journalist who wrote her first novel at age 15. Her journalistic work has appeared in Ladies' Home Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Wines and Vines, and in newspapers across the country. She was a TV critic for over 10 years, founded the YourFamilyViewer blog, and created the OddBallGrape.com wine education blog with her husband, Michael Holland. She also writes the romantic fiction serial WhiteHouseRhapsody.com. She and her husband live in Southern California with an assortment of critters.

MRM Deals of the Day 5/1/17

Today we start off May with a nice big edition of our Daily Deals post. There a bunch of newly discounted mystery titles for Kindle and some interesting new releases. As always, be aware that when we include prices, they may not last and are subject to change. Please double-check before you buy.

Today's new mystery releases include:

Today's discounted mysteries for Kindle include:

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