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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 12/20/17

We have another nice batch of discounted mystery eBooks and new releases today on our MRM page at Amazon, including featured books from Louise Penney, Lee Goldberg, Christine Husom, William Goldman, Kathi Daley, Karin Kaufman, Constance Barker, Jeff Shelby, Zoe Arden, Emilie Richards and many more.

And yes, once again Amazon has extended the deadline on the $5 off a $15 print book order special deal. It is now set to expire tomorrow night at midnight Pacific time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day, 12/19/17

Today's best mystery discount deals for Kindle and new releases are now updated on our MRM Amazon page, including books from Patti Benning, Mary Higgins Clark, Wendy Meadows, Laura Bradford, Margaret Truman, DM Quincy, Greta McKennan, Loreth Anne White, Eryn Scott and many more.

And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, Amazon has once again extended the $5 off a $15 print book deal for another day. Right now it is scheduled to expire at midnight PST this evening, but we shall see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, December 18, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 12/18/17

Today we are featuring a particularly strong batch of newly discounted mystery eBooks and new releases on our MRM page at Amazon.  Authors featured include Cleo Coyle, Rhys Bowen, Emily Brightwell, Jean Flowers, Lisa Unger, Carolyn Hart, Lou Berney, Susan Wittig Albert, Melinda Mullet, Ruby Loren, CC Benison, Laurie King, Jenny Milchman, Miranda Sweet, John D McDonald and many more.

Also, today is the last day to take advantage of the $5 off a $15 print book order promotion. That sale ends at midnight PST tonight.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day, 12/17/17

We have another nice batch of discounted mystery eBooks and new releases featured today on our page at Amazon, including books from Diane Vallere, Danielle Collins, Attica Locke, Sylvia Selfman, Mildred Abbott, Margery Allingham, Carolyn Brown, Hannah Kent, Umberto Eco, Sarah Bailey and many more.

And we don't want you to forget that the $5 off a $15 print book deal is still available until tomorrow night at midnight PST!!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 12/16/17

We have updated our Amazon page with today's featured discounted eBook mysteries and new releases, including books from Susan Gillard, Carolyn Q Hunter, Hope Callaghan, Ellen Byron, Carrie Smith, Kerry Lonsdale, Diana Orgain, ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn, Cate Holohan and many more. A great selection of books for the holiday season!!

Also, the $5 off a $15 print book deal at Amazon has been extended until midnight PST on December 18th, so if you missed the sale you still have a chance to take advantage of it!

Friday, December 15, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 12/15/17

While we are rushing around here at MRM Manor trying to get prepared for the holidays (only 10 days to Christmas! What!!), we took the time to update our page at Amazon with todays featured discounted mystery eBooks and new releases. Among the authors featured today are Kate Collins, Kathi Daley, James Lee Burke, Diana Xarissa, Julie Smith, A Gardner, Tammy Grace, Loreth Ann White, Edna Buchanan, Julie Adler, and many more. A great time to stock up before Christmas.

Also, the $5 off a $15 print book purchase deal at Amazon has been extended for one more day, so don't forget to take advantage of that!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 12/14/17

We have updated our Amazon page with today's best mystery eBook deals and new releases, including books from Vicki Delany, Gemma Halliday, Charlotte MacLeod, Sandra Brown, Allison Janda, Hope Callaghan, Sandi Scott, Michelle Pillow, Charlaine Harris, Carrie Smith, Ellen Byron and many more.

Also, this is the last day you can get $5 off a $15 print book order by using a coupon code. A great opportunity to stock up on your favorite mysteries (or take care of a Christmas gift!!).

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 12/13/17

Today we have another nice batch of new mystery releases and discounted eBooks featured on our MRM Amazon page, including books from Summer Prescott, Kathi Daley, Patti Benning, Lucy Burdette, Kendra Elliot, JD Robb, Steve Hockensmith, Kristi Belcamino, Ruby Loren, Bobbi Holmes and many more. Many of them are just perfect for the holiday season!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day, 12/12/17

Today was a big day for new cozy mystery releases and discounted mystery eBooks, and we have them all organized together on the MRM Amazon page. Today's featured authors include Carolyn Q Hunter, Robert Dugoni, Hope Callaghan, Stephanie Damore, Agatha Frost, Margaret Maron, Adele Abbott, Ava Mallory, Victoria Gilbert, Nancy J Parra, Alice Boatwright, Amanda Lee, Mandy Roth, Mary Daheim, Meg Muldoon, Gail Oust, Kathy Krevat and many more.

We hope you find some you have been waiting for!!

Monday, December 11, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 12/11/17

Today's newly discounted mysteries and new releases are now up on the MRM recommendation page at Amazon, including books from Karen MacInerney, Leighann Dobbs, Charlie Holmberg, Nell Goddin, Agatha Frost and Evelyn Amber, Catherine Bruns, Danielle Collins, Stacey Alabaster, NC Lewis, Wilkie Martin and many more. Hope you are all able to find some that you like!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 12/10/17

Our page at Amazon has been updated with today's newly discounted mystery eBooks and new releases, including books from Susan Gillard, Anna Celeste Burke, Maggie Sefton, Dianne Harman, Ellis Peters, Lee Strauss, Alison Golden, JA Whiting, Donna Ball and more. To see them all just head on over to our Amazon Influencer page of recommended mysteries.

Also of note today, the Fire 8" Tablet is on sale for $49.99 and the Kindle Paperwhite is on sale for $99.99.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 12/9/17

We have updated our page at Amazon with today's newly discounted mystery eBook deals and new releases, including books from Meredith Potts, Lucy Quinn, Cindy Bell, Lee Strauss, Donno Walo Clancy, Angela Pepper, Anne R Tan, Lee Strauss and more. You can check them all out by heading to https://www.amazon.com/shop/mustreadmystery.

Also of note today is a sale on eBook cookbooks, with over 60 books on sale for up to 80% off.

Hope you find something you like!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday 2017 Deals for Mystery Lovers

Cyber Monday is Here!

Each year on Cyber Monday there is are a huge ebook sale, with so many books on sale that it is very hard to keep track of them. We have done our best to try to summarize them here so that you can find just the books you are looking for! It is also a great day for deals on Fire tablets and Kindle e-reader devices, and we will summarize those as well.

Among today's best mystery deals for Kindle are:
  • Berkley has over 200 mysteries on sale from $1.99 to $2.99, including books from Kate Parker, Kylie Logan, Ellery Adams, Emily Brightwell, Victoria Thompson, Daniel Silva, Nevada Barr, Juliet Blackwell, Leslie Budewitz, Eva Gates (aka Vicki Delany), Ann Purser, Julia Buckley and many more
  • Alan Bradley's I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, the fourth in his acclaimed Flavia de Luce historical/traditional mystery series, is $1.99
  • The first and fourth books in Mollie Cox Bryan's Cumberland Creek cozy series are each $1.99
  • Richard Castle's High Heat and Heat Storm, the 8th and 9th in his bestselling Nikki Heat series, are $1.99 each
  • Camilla Chafer's Ready, Aim, Under Fire, the tenth in her popular female PI series with Lexi Graves, is $1.20
  • Marcia Clark's Guilt by Association, the debut of her highly praised Rachel Knight legal mystery series, is $2.99
  • Isis Crawford's A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange, the ninth in her Mystery with Recipes series, is $1.99
  • The latest in Jeffery Deaver's bestselling Lincoln Rhyme series, The Burial Hour, is $3.99
  • Kaitlynn Dunnett's A Wee Christmas Homicide, the third in her Liss MacCrimmon cozy series, is $1.99
  • Alex Erickson's Death by Eggnog, the fifth in his popular Bookstore Cafe cozy series, is $1.99
  • Three of Joanne Fluke's culinary cozy mysteries in her Hannah Swensen series are on sale from $1.99 to $2.99 
  • Gemma Halliday Publishing has 10 cozy mysteries on sale for 99c each, from authors like Halliday, Leslie Langtry, Sally Smith and Jean Stefens, Catherine Burns, Kathleen Bacus, Stephanie Caffrey, Anna Snow, Gin Jones, and Janel Gradowski
  • Charlaine Harris' A Fool and His Honey, the sixth in her Aurora Teagarden cozy series, is $1.99
  • Katherine Hayton's new culinary cozy mystery Cupcakes and Conspiracies, the debut of her Sweet Baked Mystery series, is only 99c
  • Jennifer David Hesse's Yuletide Homicide, the third in her Wiccan Wheel cozy series from Kensington, is $1.99
  • Tony Hillerman's Dance Hall of the Dead, the second in his acclaimed Leaphorn and Chee/Navajo series is $1.99
  • Lee Hollis' Death of a Christmas Caterer, the fifth in the Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails cozy series, is $1.99
  • Emma Jameson's Black and Blue, the fourth in her popular Lord and Lady Hetheridge cozy series, is $1.49
  • Valerie Malmont's humorous cozy mystery Death, Snow, and Mistletoe from her Tori Miracle series is on sale for 99c for Kindle
  • Mary McHugh's High Kicks, Hot Chocolate, and Homicide, a Happy Hoofers cozy mystery, is $1.99
  • Midnight Ink has over 80 mysteries on sale from $2.67 to $3.82 for Kindle, including books from Karen MacInerney, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Edith Maxwell, Catriona McPherson, GM Malliet, CS Chalinor, Jess Lourey, Cricket McRae, Linda O Johnston, Beth Groundwater, Deborah Sharp and more
  • Three books in Liz Mugavero's popular Pawsitively Organic cozy series are on sale from $1.99 to $2.99
  • Leslie Nagle's cozy mystery The Antique House Murders, the second in her Oakwood Mystery series from Random House's Alibi imprint, is $1.99
  • Louise Penny's #1 bestselling mystery Glass Houses, the latest in her award winning Inspector Gamache series, is $3.99
  • 4 of Ellis Peters' classic historical mysteries with Brother Cadfael are $1.99
  • Summer Prescott Books has 16 first in series cozy mysteries on sale for 99c each for Kindle from authors like Prescott, Patti Benning, Jenna St. James, Carolyn Q Hunter, Susie Gayle, Valley Sams, and Blair Merrin
  • The first 2 books in Lee Strauss' popular historical cozy mystery series with Ginger Gold are on sale for 99c and $1.49 for Kindle
  • Edgar Award winner Rick Riordan's Mission Road, the sixth in his Tres Navarre series, is $1.99
  • Norah Roberts' bestselling romantic mystery/suspense novel Come Sundown is on sale for $3.99
  • Each of the 12 books in Alannah Rogers' popular Beatrice Young Cat Cozy series are on sale for 99c for Kindle
  • Karen Rose Smith's Slay Bells Ring, the seventh in her highly regarded Caprice De Luca cozy series, is $1.99
  • Each of the 2 books in Radha Vatsal's acclaimed historical female sleuth mystery series with Kitty Weeks are $1.99
  • Lea Wait's Thread the Halls, the sixth in her popular Mainely Needlepoint series, is $1.99
  • Ashley Weaver's historical mystery Murder at Brightwell, the Edgar Award nominated debut of her Amory Ames series, is $2.99

The best Amazon device deals (and Cyber Monday Daily Deals!) include:

Let us know if there are any big deals that we missed!! Happy shopping!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Amazon Deals for Black Friday 2017

So the holiday shopping bonanza known as Black Friday is just around the corner, and it has already started online! Here in the MRM household, we usually spend Black Friday decking the halls and smelling our after-Thanksgiving turkey roasting in the oven.  We will, however, take some time to check out (in our PJs, naturally) some awesome deals on Amazon devices, toys, electronics, and OF COURSE books.

One of the offers that excite us the most is the prospect of saving up to 80% on a selection of Kindle Books.  We expect to see titles coming in from every genre, and we'll be sure to highlight the best of the mystery deals.

We will definitely see some fabulous discounts in the Amazon device arena.  Of note to our MRM readers will certainly be the Kindle devices, including:

  • $50 off the Fire HD 10  (The lowest price EVER for this device)

If you're buying for little ones in your life, Amazon is offering $30 off one Fire 7 Kids Edition, and $70 off of two when you buy them together.  

You can save $40 on the Kids HD 8, and $90 on two.  If you're looking for the Kindle for Kids bundle, you'll save $30 on one.  

If you're looking for Amazon's new generation of devices including the Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Amazon Cloud Cam, and Amazon Fire TV, you'll see these discounts:
  • $20 off the Echo Dot (The lowest price EVER for this device)

Deals on other electronics include lots of TVs, SanDisk memory products, gaming laptops, hard drives, and 3D printers.  Here are some highlights:
Toy deal-seekers will definitely find them! Select deals include: 

There are SO MANY more deals available in every department, including Pets, Video Games, Sports & Outdoors, and more

You will see some awesome deals on Amazon streaming services including three months of Amazon Music Unlimited for just 99 cents, and 40% off new release movies and TV seasons as well as best sellers available for instant streaming through Amazon Video.  

If you're not an Amazon Prime member already, you'll want to sign up now so you can take advantage of Prime Early Access deals as well as FREE 2-day shipping.  

We hope this round-up helps you plan your shopping week!  Happy, Happy Thanksgiving from the whole MRM clan!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Co-writing: 4 Eyes and 2 Heads, a guest post by Janet Elizabeth Lynn

Author Janet Elizabeth Lynn joins us on the blog today.  She co-writes the Skylar Drake mystery series with husband Will Zeilinger. 

Co-writing:4 Eyes and 2 Headsby Janet Elizabeth Lynn

My husband, Will Zeilinger, is also a published author.  We decided to come together and write a 1950s hard-boiled mystery, the Skylar Drake Murder Mysteries series.

We have different styles of writing.  I tend to write very edgy, and Will tends to be humorous with an edge.  Combining our styles makes for more interesting character dialogue and personality.  Our editor also noticed a very different style in the Skylar Drake series, yet neither one of us can imitate the style without the other.  We tried, and it came close but wasn't the same.  So it is important to value difference in the style each partner brings to the table.  

The results? Slivers of GlassStrange MarkingsDesert Ice and Spike Hill (to be released 2/2018)...and yes, we're still married.

For more information, visit www.janetlynnauthor.com or Janet & Will's blog at www.themarriedauthors.blogspot.com.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dead in the Water Giveaway from Denise Swanson

We are so excited to bring you a giveaway from Denise Swanson celebrating the release of her new Welcome Back to Scumble River series. We all know and love her Scumble River and Devereaux's Dime Store mysteries, and Dead in the Water is sure to be a hit.  Congratulations, Denise!  Scroll down to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway, and head over to Amazon to order!

From Sourcebooks:

The first book in the brand-new Welcome Back to Scumble River series featuring New York Times bestselling author Denise Swanson’s beloved setting and characters, Dead in the Water, is a gripping mystery that won’t let you go until you’ve turned the last page.

School psychologist Skye Denison-Boyd wishes she could click her ruby-red high-tops, chant “There’s no place like home,” and go back to life pre-tornado. With her house destroyed and a baby on the way, the last thing she needs is a dead body among the rubble.

But that’s exactly what she finds.

Zeke Lyon, the town’s mild-mannered bookkeeper, appears to have been a victim of the tornado—but some of the details don’t quite add up. When Skye starts to dig into Zeke’s mysterious death, her police chief husband, Wally, goes missing and she’s sure he’s been kidnapped.

Will she be able to solve the case and find her husband before it’s too late?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author

Denise Swanson is the New York Times bestselling author of the Scumble River Mystery and Deveraux’s Dime Store Mystery series. She has been nominated for RT Book Review’s Career Achievement Award, the Agatha Award, and the Mary Higgins Clark Award. Visit her at www.deniseswanson.com.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

1950s Slang: The Way We Talked, a guest post by Janet Elizabeth Lynn

Author Janet Elizabeth Lynn joins us on the blog today with a look back at slang in the 1950s.  A knowledge of the "lingo" is important to write the Skylar Drake mystery series she co-writes with husband Will Zeilinger. 

1950s Slang:The Way We Talked

by Janet Elizabeth Lynn

My husband and I write The Skylark Drake Murder Mysteries, a hard boiled 1950s series. To make this as authentic possible, we include the language used during that time period. Yeah, some people actually feel the 1950s is considered historical (Umm!)

It is fun looking up some of the slang that was used by the "younger generation" and for me, remembering some as well. For example:

  • Burn Rubber-when a car accelerates quickly
  • Shocker-a liar or cheat
  • Knuckle sandwich- a punch in the face
  • Get on the horn-to use a phone
  • Dullsville-a boring or dull person
  • Wig out-get agitated

So to make our characters real, we include some of the slang, dress them in period clothes (i.e. gloves and hats) and include current events of the time as a backdrop.

The results? Slivers of GlassStrange MarkingsDesert Ice and Spike Hill (to be released 2/2018)...and yes, we're still married.

For more information, visit www.janetlynnauthor.com or Janet & Will's blog at www.themarriedauthors.blogspot.com.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Excerpt of Room for Doubt by Nancy Cole Silverman

Author Nancy Cole Silverman is joining us on the blog today with an excerpt of her newest Carol Childs mystery, Room for Doubt.  Check out the new book, and pick it up for Kindle today!

Nancy Cole Silverman

“Excuse me, miss? Are you a model?”

I was in the cereal aisle at the grocery store with a box of bran
flakes in my hand when I heard the voice behind me. It had been years
since I’d done any modeling, and I wasn’t feeling particularly
glamorous. My hair was in a ponytail, and I was wearing a pair of
sweatpants and a ratty old KCHC t-shirt with a cartoon of a dead
chicken on my chest. The words Radio Road Kill blasted beneath it.
Not exactly the type of thing one wears to make a good first

“Not in years.” I laughed and turned expecting to find a friendly
face. Grocery stores these days topped bars for places to meet men.
Despite the fact the line was an obvious come on, I was, unfortunately,
once again in the market.

Instead, the voice belonged to a nice-looking, well-built gym-rat
with a neatly cropped beard. He was about half my age, and worse yet,
he wasn’t talking to me. Not at all. He had cornered a young girl
directly behind me; a twenty-something darling dressed in a skin-tight
running outfit that looked like it had been painted onto her body.

I smiled apologetically and turned to read the label on the cereal
box. Not that they noticed. Lately, I felt as though I’d become the
invisible woman.

My name is Carol Childs, I’m a single mom, and I work as a
reporter for a talk radio station in Los Angeles. I was one of those
faceless voices on the airwaves people heard every day. Perhaps that,
and the fact I’d recently turned forty, explained why I was beginning to
feel I blended into the background like wallpaper paste. Few of my
listeners could identify me, and in LA, women over forty simply
weren’t on anyone’s radar. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched,
while I listened to their exchange.

Gym-rat, with muscled arms like watermelons bulging from
beneath his t-shirt, pressed a business card into Running-girl’s hand.
“You ever want to get into the club, just call.”

Gym-rat was making a big impression. Running-girl glanced at
the card, hugged it to her chest like she had just won the lottery, then
kissed Gym-rat on the cheek as she tucked the card into her sports bra.

At that point, I tossed the cereal box into my cart and started up
the aisle. I didn’t give it another thought.

Until the next day.

My bedroom was still dark when the phone rang. With my head barely
off the pillow, I squinted at the digital clock next to my bed: 5:55 a.m.
Dammit, Tyler, it’s not even six o’clock. New record. I fumbled for the
bedside phone—a requirement the station demanded of all its
reporters—and knocked it to the floor before grabbing the handle.
Nobody else, not even a phone solicitor, would dare to call before

“Please, Tyler, tell me this isn’t becoming a habit with you.”

“Sorry, Carol. I need you.”

On the other end of the line was my boss, Tyler Hunt, a twentyone-
year-old whiz-kid who referred to me as the world’s oldest cub

“No,” I begged. “Absolutely not. Please, Tyler, not today.”

Tomorrow was my son’s birthday, and Tyler had promised me the
day off to prepare. On Saturday, Charlie, my youngest, would officially
be sixteen, and I had planned a big surprise party to celebrate. My
daughter, Cate, was coming up from San Diego State. My best friend,
Sheri, her son, Clint, and fourteen members of Charlie’s football team
would all be here. Plus, my ex, Robert, planned stop by with the wife
and Charlie’s new step-brother. No way was I about to get caught up in
anything that would distract me.

“I need you to take this, Carol. There’s a body up on the
Hollywood Sign.”

I sat up in bed and pushed the hair out of my face. He had to be
kidding. The Hollywood Sign? Recently a prankster had climbed to the
top of the sign and with tarps and tape lettered it to read Hollyweed. A
pro-cannabis statement for sure.

“Tyler, if there’s a body on the Hollywood Sign, it’s got to be a
publicity stunt. Something one of the studios is doing for a movie

“It’s not a stunt, Carol. The police are reporting a man’s naked
body hanging from the sign. It’s for real. I need you up there. Now.

About the Author

Nancy Cole Silverman credits the fact both she and Edgar Allen Poe share the same birthday, along with her twenty-five years in talk radio, for helping her to develop an ear for storytelling. After writing everything from commercial copy to news Silverman retired from radio in 2001 to write fiction. Today, Silverman has written numerous short stories and novelettes some of which have been produced as audio books. Silverman's new series, the Carol Childs Mysteries (Henery Press) takes place inside a busy Los Angles Radio station. Silverman lives in Los Angeles with her husband, four adult children, and thoroughly pampered standard poodle.

Monday, July 24, 2017

HUGE Berkley Prime Crime Sale!!! 7/24/17

Penguin/Random House has just put a bunch of bestselling cozy mysteries on sale for $1.99 or $2.99 for Kindle from the Berkley Prime Crime imprint.  The vast majority of the sale books are first in series titles.  These prices are unlikely to last long, so grab them while you can! Below we have summarized the books in sale alphabetically by author and title.  Be sure to scroll ALL THE WAY down...it is a long list, and we have some additional daily specials below the Berkley list:

Other Daily Deals
  • Libby Howard's The Tell-All, the debut of her Locust Point series 
  • Kathi Daley's Camp Carter, the 25th in her bestselling Zoe Donovan series
  • Holly Plum's Winning the Batchelor, the seventh in her popular Patty Cakes Bake Shop series. The first 2 in the series are also on sale for 99c
  • Zara Keane's To Hatch a Thief, book 1.5 in her Movie Club Mysteries series
  • Rita Mae Brown's Sour Puss, the 14th in her Mrs. Murphy series 
  • Nancy McGovern's Death at a B & B, the ninth in her popular Murder in Milburn series. On sale for pre-order for 99c for Kindle 
  • Each of the 3 books in GM Malliet's Agatha Award winning St. Just traditional British mystery series are on sale for $3.82 for Kindle: Death of a Cozy Writer, Death and the Lit Chick, and Death at the Alma Mater 

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