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Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday 2017 Deals for Mystery Lovers

Cyber Monday is Here!

Each year on Cyber Monday there is are a huge ebook sale, with so many books on sale that it is very hard to keep track of them. We have done our best to try to summarize them here so that you can find just the books you are looking for! It is also a great day for deals on Fire tablets and Kindle e-reader devices, and we will summarize those as well.

Among today's best mystery deals for Kindle are:
  • Berkley has over 200 mysteries on sale from $1.99 to $2.99, including books from Kate Parker, Kylie Logan, Ellery Adams, Emily Brightwell, Victoria Thompson, Daniel Silva, Nevada Barr, Juliet Blackwell, Leslie Budewitz, Eva Gates (aka Vicki Delany), Ann Purser, Julia Buckley and many more
  • Alan Bradley's I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, the fourth in his acclaimed Flavia de Luce historical/traditional mystery series, is $1.99
  • The first and fourth books in Mollie Cox Bryan's Cumberland Creek cozy series are each $1.99
  • Richard Castle's High Heat and Heat Storm, the 8th and 9th in his bestselling Nikki Heat series, are $1.99 each
  • Camilla Chafer's Ready, Aim, Under Fire, the tenth in her popular female PI series with Lexi Graves, is $1.20
  • Marcia Clark's Guilt by Association, the debut of her highly praised Rachel Knight legal mystery series, is $2.99
  • Isis Crawford's A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange, the ninth in her Mystery with Recipes series, is $1.99
  • The latest in Jeffery Deaver's bestselling Lincoln Rhyme series, The Burial Hour, is $3.99
  • Kaitlynn Dunnett's A Wee Christmas Homicide, the third in her Liss MacCrimmon cozy series, is $1.99
  • Alex Erickson's Death by Eggnog, the fifth in his popular Bookstore Cafe cozy series, is $1.99
  • Three of Joanne Fluke's culinary cozy mysteries in her Hannah Swensen series are on sale from $1.99 to $2.99 
  • Gemma Halliday Publishing has 10 cozy mysteries on sale for 99c each, from authors like Halliday, Leslie Langtry, Sally Smith and Jean Stefens, Catherine Burns, Kathleen Bacus, Stephanie Caffrey, Anna Snow, Gin Jones, and Janel Gradowski
  • Charlaine Harris' A Fool and His Honey, the sixth in her Aurora Teagarden cozy series, is $1.99
  • Katherine Hayton's new culinary cozy mystery Cupcakes and Conspiracies, the debut of her Sweet Baked Mystery series, is only 99c
  • Jennifer David Hesse's Yuletide Homicide, the third in her Wiccan Wheel cozy series from Kensington, is $1.99
  • Tony Hillerman's Dance Hall of the Dead, the second in his acclaimed Leaphorn and Chee/Navajo series is $1.99
  • Lee Hollis' Death of a Christmas Caterer, the fifth in the Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails cozy series, is $1.99
  • Emma Jameson's Black and Blue, the fourth in her popular Lord and Lady Hetheridge cozy series, is $1.49
  • Valerie Malmont's humorous cozy mystery Death, Snow, and Mistletoe from her Tori Miracle series is on sale for 99c for Kindle
  • Mary McHugh's High Kicks, Hot Chocolate, and Homicide, a Happy Hoofers cozy mystery, is $1.99
  • Midnight Ink has over 80 mysteries on sale from $2.67 to $3.82 for Kindle, including books from Karen MacInerney, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Edith Maxwell, Catriona McPherson, GM Malliet, CS Chalinor, Jess Lourey, Cricket McRae, Linda O Johnston, Beth Groundwater, Deborah Sharp and more
  • Three books in Liz Mugavero's popular Pawsitively Organic cozy series are on sale from $1.99 to $2.99
  • Leslie Nagle's cozy mystery The Antique House Murders, the second in her Oakwood Mystery series from Random House's Alibi imprint, is $1.99
  • Louise Penny's #1 bestselling mystery Glass Houses, the latest in her award winning Inspector Gamache series, is $3.99
  • 4 of Ellis Peters' classic historical mysteries with Brother Cadfael are $1.99
  • Summer Prescott Books has 16 first in series cozy mysteries on sale for 99c each for Kindle from authors like Prescott, Patti Benning, Jenna St. James, Carolyn Q Hunter, Susie Gayle, Valley Sams, and Blair Merrin
  • The first 2 books in Lee Strauss' popular historical cozy mystery series with Ginger Gold are on sale for 99c and $1.49 for Kindle
  • Edgar Award winner Rick Riordan's Mission Road, the sixth in his Tres Navarre series, is $1.99
  • Norah Roberts' bestselling romantic mystery/suspense novel Come Sundown is on sale for $3.99
  • Each of the 12 books in Alannah Rogers' popular Beatrice Young Cat Cozy series are on sale for 99c for Kindle
  • Karen Rose Smith's Slay Bells Ring, the seventh in her highly regarded Caprice De Luca cozy series, is $1.99
  • Each of the 2 books in Radha Vatsal's acclaimed historical female sleuth mystery series with Kitty Weeks are $1.99
  • Lea Wait's Thread the Halls, the sixth in her popular Mainely Needlepoint series, is $1.99
  • Ashley Weaver's historical mystery Murder at Brightwell, the Edgar Award nominated debut of her Amory Ames series, is $2.99

The best Amazon device deals (and Cyber Monday Daily Deals!) include:

Let us know if there are any big deals that we missed!! Happy shopping!

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  1. This is an amazing collection of reccommendations. I can't wait to get cracking. Keep telling us more about these great reads. They are very helpful.


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