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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

MRM Deals of the Day 5/1/18

We are back today to start off May with a supersized update of our MRM page at Amazon, including new mystery releases, discounted ebooks, and featured pre-orders from authors like Wendy Lyn Watson, Tonya Kappes, Janet Finsilver, Sam Cheever, Peggy Webb, Ben Rehder, Kym Roberts, Amy Boyles, Christa Nardi, Jennifer Fischetto, Rebecca Cantrell & Sean Black, Miranda Sweet, Crissy Sharp, Sharon Pape, Auralee Wallace, Julie Moffett, Dianne Harman, Kathleen Bridge, Melinda Mullett, Krista Davis, Marty Wingate, Maggie King, JD Robb, Lee Child, Laura Durham, AR Winters and many more! 

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