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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

MRM Deals of the Day 4/3/18

We have been traveling for the last week in sunny Florida (did not rain a drop!), but we are new back with a new supersized batch of new mystery releases and discounted eBook on our MRM page at Amazon, including books from authors like Patti Benning, Carolyn Hart, Denise Swanson, JT Ellison, Nancy McGovern Wendy Meadows, Joanna Campbell Slan,  Amanda Lee, Jill Orr, Lily Harper Hart, Paige Shelton, Jenn McKinlay, Ann Ross, Susan Wittig Albert, Leslie Nagel, Sharon Dunn, Kathleen Bridge, Constance Barker, Craig Schaefer, Margaret Lashley, Maria Grazia Swan, Carolyn Haines, Susan Gillard, Sibella Giorello, AR Winters, Peg Cochran and many more!

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