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Saturday, January 17, 2015

In the Spotlight: Witness Impulse

This week's "In the Spotlight" post is highlighting the HarperCollins Witness Impulse imprint.  While it does not fit the traditional idea of a "small press," we felt that it was worthy of being highlighted both because of the quality titles and reasonable price points. In the new digital age of publishing, this type of offering from a major publisher is likely a reaction to the growth of small, reasonably-priced independent presses.

Witness Impulse is dedicated exclusively to publishing "digital originals." The imprint boasts not only award winning authors, but also stellar debut authors that round out their offerings with fresh talent.  Witness Impulse bills their digital mysteries as thrillers, but they have also branched out to offer what I would consider cozies.  Case in point is the Susan McBride River Road series featuring Miss Marple-like sleuth Helen Evans and the Debutante Dropout series from the same author.   Both of these well-reviewed cozy series are available at bargain basement prices for the Kindle.  At the time of this writing, Blue Blood, first in the Debutante series, and To Helen Back, book one of the River Road series, are available for 99 cents.

Another cozy mystery from the press is Killer Wasps, first in the series of the same name from author Amy Korman.  The series features antiques store owner turned sleuth Kristin Clark and is set in the luxury of affluent Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.  Book two in the series, Killer Getaway, is due out March 10th (available now for pre-order).

Readers interested in the thriller side of the press will not be disappointed if they are looking for breat books at bargain prices.  Many of the books from the press are available for .99 to 2.99, including Black Dog, the first book in Stephen Booth's gripping Cooper and Fry series featuring British DC Ben Cooper and his partner Diane Fry.  Booth's work has been compared to authors Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson, and is a big favorite of MRM.

British Procedural fans will also be pleased with the offerings from Witness Impulse.  Some authors and titles to highlight in this genre include:

  • Brian McGilloway's Little Girl Lost, the well-reviewed first book in the Irish procedural Lucy Black Thrillers series
  • Alison Bruce's Cambridge Blue from the DC Gary Goodhew series set in historic Cambridge
  • Mari Hannah's gripping Kate Daniels series, set in northern England

Other notable titles and authors from the press include:

  • Kristi Belcamino's very well-reviewed amateur sleuth mysteries featuring San Francisco newspaper reporter Gabriella Giovanni
  • Rory Clements' historical mysteries with John Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's brother
  • Margie Orford's mystery series set in South Africa and featuring investigative journalist and criminal profiler Dr. Clare Hart
  • Frances Fyfield's reissued British legal mysteries and thrillers
  • Carey Baldwin's Cassidy & Spenser thriller, Judgment, featuring forensic psychiatrist Cassidy and FBI profiler Spenser.  Book two of the series is due out in June.
  • Judi Culbertson's cozy, A Photographic Death, featuring bookseller/amateur detective Delhi Laine
Please comment below and let us know what you think of Witness Impulse's offerings!!  We'd love to hear from you.

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