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Saturday, January 31, 2015

In the Spotlight: Henery Press

This week's "In the Spotlight" post is one I've been looking forward to since we started the series.  I am very happy to share with you one of my "go-to" small presses:  Henery Press, which specializes in cozy mysteries with, as they say on their website, "a splash of chick lit."

Henery Press has a stellar lineup of authors, including some award winners and USA Today Bestsellers. You will certainly recognize some of the names and titles as those we mention frequently on the Must Read and Mrs. Must Read Mysteries Facebook pages.

Susan M. Boyer's Lowcountry cozy series is a stand-out for me.  Ms. Boyer has earned several awards, including the Agatha award for Best First Novel for her debut novel, Lowcountry Boil.  As you've heard from me before, I am a HUGE fan of Lowcountry Boil, as it hits two sweet spots for me:  excellent cozy mysteries and the South.   I'm a Florida girl transplanted to the northeast,  and I love to find titles that take me home for a bit.  The Lowcountry mysteries feature PI Liz Talbot, a sassy, smart, and relatable leading character.  Boyer doubles down on the appeal with a tense, well-crafted mystery and a smidgen of paranormal flare.  The second, and equally pleasing, book in the series is Lowcountry Bombshell.  Boyer's third book, Lowcountry Boneyard, is due out in April and is available now for pre-order.  There is no doubt that it will deliver the same strong performance as her first two cozies.

As enjoyable as I found the Lowcountry series, it is not the only shining star in the "Hen House."  Henery Press consistently delivers high quality, fun reading from all of its authors, including:

  • Larissa Reinhart, the Daphne Award-nominated author of the Cherry Tucker mysteries, set in the South and featuring the humorous exploits of an artist-turned-detective
  • Lyndee Walker, the Agatha Award-nominated author of the Headlines in High Heels series featuring crime reporter Nichelle Clarke
  • Gretchen Archer,  USA Today Bestselling author of the Davis Way Crime Caper series, also set in the South and featuring security specialist Davis Way
  • Cindy Brown is a new author from Henery, and her very well-reviewed first book, Macdeath, debuted January 20th.  Macdeath features Ivy Brown, a theater actor-turned-investigator!
  • Annette Dashofy, author of the Zoe Chambers Paramedic/Coroner cozies (set in small-town Pennsylvania), is to be congratulated on her recent nomination for the Best First Novel Agatha Award for Circle of Influence
  • Alice Loweecey, author of the very well-reviewed nun-turned-PI Giulia Driscoll series
  • Kendel Lynn, Agatha-award nominated author of the island-living, PI-in-training Elliott Lisbon series
  • Bourne Morris, author of the edgy, psychological thriller The Red Queen's Run.  Although this is a bit of a departure from Henery's typical cozy, it is well-reviewed and has earned its place of honor in the press' collection.
  • Gigi Pandian, author of the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt mystery series, which was recently nominated for a Lefty Award for Best West Coast mystery
  • Diane Vallere, author of the Mad for Mod interior decorating cozy mystery series
  • Nancy Cole Silverman, author of Shadow of Doubt, featuring talk radio reporter Carol Childs.
  • Susan O'Brien's Nicki Valentine mystery, Finding Sky, also recently nominated for the Agatha Award for Best First Novel

Do you have a favorite from Henery Press?  Please comment below and tell us about it!


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely spotlight! I deeply appreciate your kind words about my Lowcountry series! Thank you for reading, reviewing, and telling others about Henery Press mysteries!!

    1. We are very happy to support great writers here at MRM!


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