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Thursday, January 8, 2015

In the Spotlight: Gemma Halliday Publishing

Today we are introducing a new blog series, "In the Spotlight," in which we will highlight publishing houses that specialize in delivering digital format mysteries.  In many cases, these books are available at a much lower cost than traditional books or e-books from large publishing houses.  We are pleased to begin the series by featuring one of Mrs. MRM's favorite imprints, Gemma Halliday Publishing.

I first discovered Gemma Halliday through her High Heels cozy mystery series featuring Maddie Springer, a high fashion shoe designer who finds herself unexpectedly embroiled in murder investigations with a handsome LAPD officer. Halliday crafts a fun, quirky character that is a perfect fit for a chick-lit cozy.  Overall, the series is enjoyable in that it offers romantic cozy mysteries that don't take themselves too seriously.

I was pleased to see Halliday venture into the boutique publishing arena, lending her name and publishing expertise to some talented upcoming authors of cozy mysteries and women's fiction. My enjoyment of the High Heels series encouraged me to try some of the other series bearing her name, including the Jamie Bond (co-written with National Bestselling author Jennifer Fischetto) and Hollywood Headlines series.

Some of the gems from this imprint have come from the talented author of the Bodies of Art and Organized cozy series, Ritter Ames.  Organized for Murder, the first book in the Organized Mystery series featuring professional organizer protagonist Kate McKenzie, is a fast-paced thriller that pulls you in and keeps you holding your breath until the last page.  Ames has a talent for keeping the tension high and your interest piqued.  Halliday clearly hit a home run when she brought Ames into the GHP fold.

Ames' work is just the tip of the GHP iceberg.  As of this writing, the Halliday press represents 32 authors including:
  • Sibel Hodge, author of the Amber Fox mystery series featuring the insurance investigator/amateur sleuth of the same name
  • Stephanie Caffrey, author of the Vegas mystery series featuring quirky PI Raven McShane
  • Leslie Langtry, author of the Greatest Hits mystery series featuring the Bombay family, a motley bunch of assassins whose "talents" run in the family.  Merit Badge Murder is first in a new series from Langtry, the Merry Wrath mysteries.
  • Kelly Rey, author of Motion for Murder, featuring secretary/amateur sleuth Jamie Winters
  • Christina Burke, author of the Queenie Baby romantic mystery series, featuring wannabe rockstar Diana Hudson
  • Traci Andrighetti, author of the Franki Amato mystery series, complete with romance, suspense, and a marriage-minded Sicilian grandma
  • Janel Gradowski, author of the Culinary Competition cozy mystery series featuring competitive chef Amy Ridley (Book #2 of the series, Chicken Soup and Homicide, is due out February 23rd!)
  • Ellie Ashe, author of Chasing the Dollar, a relatively new mystery featuring former investment banker Miranda Vaughn as she attempts to clear her name and rebuild her life after being set up in a fraud scheme
  • Jennifer L. Hart, author of the Southern Pasta Shop series featuring chef Andy Buckland
  • Maria Grazia Swan, award-winning author of the Italian-inspired Lella York series

Overall, the GHP roster offers a list of authors who provide fun, quality work for a more than reasonable price.  You could fill up your "to-be-read" list quickly and inexpensively just by sticking with this press, and if you are looking for cozy mysteries with a modern twist, start here.

If you would like to sample the delights of Gemma Halliday Press, the recently-released short story collection, Cozy Christmas Capers, is a perfect place to start.  The collection includes 19 stories from 19 different GHP authors, allowing you a little taste of each series.


  1. Thank you so much, I'm sure I speak for all of Gemma's authors, how kind of you. Mille Grazie.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring the GHP authors, you sweetie! So kind of you :) xx

  3. This is terrific! Thanks for featuring us!

  4. Thanks so much for having us on!

  5. Small presses can do some great things. Glad to see that readers are noticing and thanks for spreading the word.

    1. It is our pleasure to support the efforts of small presses. The freedom to work outside the constraints of big business makes a difference for both the author and the readers they serve!

  6. I personally loved the Stephanie Caffrey Vegas series! Quirky Raven for sure!

  7. Thank you so much for this terrific blog post, and for shining a spotlight on Gemma Halliday Publishing. You all are so good about telling everyone about the great book deals out there, and now you're spreading the news about great small presses, too. I've tried to leave a couple of posts already, but my computer seems to be acting up and they haven't appeared. So if I end up with three different comments eventually, I'm so sorry. But I did want to offer my thanks for the recognition to Gemma Halliday Publishing, ad extend congrats on this new blog series. I am thrilled small presses are getting a new spotlight--and small press authors!

  8. They are an amazing group of authors, some of my favorite ever cozy authors come from this group and every book I have read is worth recommending highly..There are a couple that I still need to read but I have read most of them.

  9. this has been a very exciting day..thanks again.


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