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Saturday, January 24, 2015

In the Spotlight: Endeavour Press

This week we are back to showcasing a more traditional, non-traditional small press.  Did you follow that?  What I mean is that we're focusing on a press that specializes in digital publishing and is free of the restrictions and higher prices of the traditional big publishing houses. Endeavour Press describes itself as "the UK's leading independent digital publisher," a designation that has been earned via a carefully-curated catalog of newly published e-books and re-issued digital versions of out-of-print books.  

Endeavour's mystery offerings tend to the edgier, thriller-focused side of the genre, with modern day mysteries intermingled with historical thrillers.  For readers who enjoy following a particular character through a series, the press offers multiple books from several authors, including:

Alison Joseph's Murder Will Out  is a British village mystery with Agatha Christie as the star - not as an author but as an amateur detective investigating a death in the neighborhood.  It is well-reviewed and will appeal to fans of Christie as well as fans of the British cozy genre.  

Sherlock Holmes' fans will be drawn to Endeavour's collection of Sherlockian mysteries and pastiches from various authors, including Roger Riccard and David Britland.   David Dickinson's Mycroft Holmes titles also will be attractive to Sherlock fans.  Endeavour extends their appeal to fans of traditional detective stories by offering several Raffles "Gentleman Thief" mysteries from Richard Foreman.   

While we have focused only on Endeavour's mystery catalog, they also offer a wide variety of romance, historic, general fiction, and non-fiction e-books.  

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