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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Watson's Favorite Things

Watson's Favorites

Watson is visiting the blog today to share a roundup of some of his favorite things.  He's a pretty important guy around the MRM household, and he knows what he likes!  He keeps us company throughout the day, and he is never far away from either MRM or Mrs. MRM.  The jury is out on who is his favorite, but Mrs. MRM thinks he's pretty partial to his daddy.  When he's not keeping an eye on the neighborhood, his favorite spot is perched on the corner of the couch watching Mr. MRM while he works.    Here's a peek at what keeps this fella happy in his "own" words. 

Food & Treats

Food is life, man.  I love all things edible, and some things that aren't!  Those things that aren't have gotten me in trouble, though, so I try hard to stick to my food and my treats.  Can't blame a doodle for tasting once in a while, though!  My kibble of choice is Orijen Original.  Super tasty, and I waste no time inhaling it!  You never know when one of those kibble nuggets are going to run away, so full bowl to empty in 2 seconds is my goal.  Mom says it is good for me, but I'm here for the YUM, folks...and the yum factor is high!

Second only to my people and my kibble are my treats!  I'm a big fan of anything this dude Zuke makes.  He really knows what a "good boy" likes.  I can snag one of these babies out mid-air!  They keep me at the top of my game.  The only thing I don't like is when one of my people has bad aim and they end up under the fridge instead of IN MAH BELLY.

These guys will bring me to attention in an instant.  Just the rustling of the bag can wake me from a deep sleep.  My best Doberman friend, Dakota, and her dad turned me on to Elk Jerky.  Sometimes when I visit them on my daily walks, her dad sneaks one to me when nobody is looking.  He's another one of my favorites, but he didn't sign a photo release so I don't have a picture of him to share. :) I'm not exactly sure what an elk is, but it makes some mean jerky treats.

Another favorite treat of mine that will also keep me busy for a while is a bully stick.  Mom is not a fan of them because she says they stink. Whatever!  I think they smell delicious! I guess she loves me enough to put up with the odor because she knows I think they're THE BEST!  They really satisfy my need to chew and gnaw, and she says they're safer for me than those rawhide things I always beg to try at the pet store. Safe, schmafe.  I don't really care.  I just like to chew 'em to bits.

Out and About 

So when I'm out on the town, or just out for a walk, I need to look sharp.  Mom got me this awesome blanket coat by Zack and Zoey to keep me warm and dry, and the best part is it is reversible!  Two looks in one and perfect for rain OR snow.  It is especially nice after I've been groomed and my hair is a little less fluffy and cozy!  It comes in all kinds of colors with coordinating patterns.  I think Dakota's jealous that she doesn't have one. Maybe I'll give her one for her birthday.  She's an older woman, but I love me some cougars.

When I hear mom's keys rattle and I see her with her purse, I zoom to the door and wait to go with her.  When I do get to ride in the car, this Easy Rider harness keeps me safe and in my seat.  The seatbelt slips right through the loops, and my leash snaps right to the top whenever we get where we're going.  I'd much rather sit in mom's lap, but she's not too happy when I try.  I guess I got a little too big for that now that I'm almost two years old.  I could totally drive, though, if she'd just push the pedals for me.  I am convinced, but her? Not so much.  Oh well.  Maybe when I'm three?

When mom and dad need me to smell my best, I get a bath with this smelly stuff, Biosilk Moisturizing Shampoo for Dogs.  Well, I did until mom forgot it at the dog wash.  She should make a note to order more!  It leaves my coat so soft and silky, and she gives me extra kisses and snuggles because I smell so good.  She likes to use the conditioner, too, but I'm like...whatever...isn't there something stinky I can roll in???

Bachelor Pad 

Until I can convince mom and dad to let me sleep in their bed, this is my bachelor pad, a Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate.  Sometimes I hang out there when the couch is full of wiggly little people and I am trying to sleep.  It is my den, dude.  Once in a while, I have surprised mom and dad by slipping out the side door at night.  My brothers and sister hook me up by leaving the latch open so I can sneak out.  When dad comes downstairs to get me in the morning, I'm all "SURPRISE!!" I haven't figured out why he's not thrilled to see me waiting at the door.  One day they'll learn to check both doors when they put me to bed at night.  Until then, open door = party time!

Santa brought me this super duper self-warming crate pad to keep me extra toasty on those cold, "three dog nights."  Not sure where those other two dogs are sleeping, but as for me, I'm cozy and comfy.  I guess that jolly chubster knows what's up when it comes to keeping warm in the winter.  Mom and dad like it because it is easy to throw in the wash when things get a little aromatic in my room.

So that's all for now, folks.  Keep an eye out for more of my favorite things as my tastes mature.  A smart dog has to stay on top of the trends, am I right?  I totally forgot to tell you about my favorite toys. They deserve a whole post of their own!  Serious fun to be had for all your furry friends.  Trust me.  I know these things.

Lots of love, butt wiggles, and tail wags,



  1. I love reading is view of the products and really interested in the car harness.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Billie! We are big fans of the car harness because it keeps him safe and in his seat without choking him in the process!


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