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Thursday, March 2, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day, 3/2/17

Today on the MRM Blog we are introducing a new daily feature where we will run down the day's notable new and discounted mysteries in a summary post. So for those of you who don't have the time to scroll through all the posts on the MRM Facebook pages, or don't see many of our posts in your feed, this will be the place to go to get a quick look at the new and interesting deals. Note that when we include prices, these are not guaranteed to last and are subject to change.  Please double-check before you buy.   

First up, we have today's featured indie new releases, plus a few we did not have room for on the Facebook page:
  • Stacey Alabaster's cozy mystery Arts, Crafts and Murder, the third in her highly regarded Craft Circle series. From the author of the popular Bakery Detectives series. Introductory price of 99c for Kindle for a limited time.
  • Susan Gillard's Creme Brulee Murder, the 39th in her Donut Hole Cozy series. On sale for a limited time for 99c for Kindle. 
  • Alex Jameson's psychological thriller Clown Moon, the first in Summer Prescott's new line of thrillers. Introductory price of 99c for Kindle for a limited time.
  • JC Kilgrave's Cursed on the Second Date, the second in the Cursed Coven paranormal cozy series
  • MZ Andrews' Where Witches Lie, the sixth book in her Witch Squad paranormal cozy series
  • Carrie Marsh's Cooking with the Dead, the second in her Millerfield Village cozy series. Also on sale for 99c for Kindle for a limited time.
  • Lisbeth Reade's A Corpse at the Polls, the third in her Ella Sweeting Aromatherapy Magic paranormal cozy series

Next, we have ebooks that are discounted for a limited time, all for $2.99 or less:

  • Ruth Rendell's Edgar Award nominated The Tree of Hands
  • GM Malliet's Wicked Autumn, the debut of her British village cozy mysery with MI-5 agent turned vicar Max Tudor
  • Robert Goldsborough's Murder in E Minor, his award winning reboot of Rex Stout's classic Nero Wolfe series
  • Dianne Harman's Trouble at the Kennel, the ninth in her Cedar Bay cozy series 
  • Emily Ryland's The Wendy Lightower Omnibus 3 book paranormal cozy set 
  • Brenda Novak's romantic mystery/thriller Dead Silence, the debut of her Stillwater trilogy
  • Anne Perry's historical mystery Bluegate Fields, the sixth in her popular Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series
  • Kate Saunders' The Secrets of Wishitude, the well reviewed debut of her Laetitia Rodd British Victorian historical cozy female amateur sleuth series
  • Edgar winner Charlotte Armstrong's mystery/suspense novel Something Blue 
  • Paisley Ray's Hot Tamale, the eighth in her Rachel O'Brien Chronicles humorous female sleuth series  

Finally we have a bestselling series with multiple books on sale:

  • 5 books in Margaret Truman's bestselling Capitol Crimes traditional mystery series are on sale for $1.99 each for Kindle: "Murder on Capitol Hill", "Murder in the Supreme Court", "Murder in the Smithsonian", "Murder on Embassy Row" and "Murder at the FBI".


  1. Maybe a list for the free offers? I enjoy the site, thank you.

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    The problem with the free offers is that if our followers download more than the monthly limit that amazon has set we could lose all of our commission for the month. We already get plenty of free downloads from our facebook posts and really can't take the chance of generating even more -- the risk is just too high. Thank you for the suggestion and kind words!

  3. Sweet! I love Inspector Pitt but had not thought of looking for Kindle versions. I also have a couple of Truman's earliest book in hardback so it is wonderful to rediscover her as well. Thank you!

    1. You are very welcome. I am glad you found some to enjoy!!

  4. Great idea! I enjoy your site very much and look for them when I come home from work to see what's going on.


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