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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 3/8/17

After yesterday's unusually large batch of new mystery releases and discounted e-books (which you can review here), today's deals are more limited. There is still some good stuff though!! As always, be aware that when we include prices, they are not guaranteed to last and are subject to change. Please double-check before you buy.

Today's new releases include:
  • Nancy McGovern and Cyra Bruce's A Cherry Sinister Murder, the debut of their Slice of Paradise culinary cozy series
  • Morgan James' Quiet Evil, the fifth book in her Promise McNeal paranormal cozy series 
  • The reissue of Fergus Hume's traditional British mystery The Sacred Herb
  • Amy Curry's Spring Blooms & Murder, the debut of her Nikki Bridgewater cozy series 

Today's steeply discounted e-books for Kindle include:
  • Barbara Warren's cozy/romantic mystery Murder at the Painted Lady
  • Andrew Cartmel's humorous traditional British mystery Written in Dead Wax, the debut of his highly regarded Vinyl Detective series 
  • Kathi Daley's Kitten Kaboodle, the very well reviewed 20th book in her Zoe Donovan series 
  • Cindy Bell's Murdering the Roses, the debut of her Heavenly Highland Inn cozy series
  • Heather Hamilton's well reviewed The Bad Luck Witch, the debut of her Bad Luck Witch Chronicles paranormal cozy series
  • Jonathan Holt's highly regarded mystery/thriller The Abomination, the debut of his Venice set Carnivia Trilogy
  • Emma Miller's well reviewed Plain Killing, the second book in her Amish mystery series
  • Polly Iyer's well reviewed mystery/suspense novel Indiscretion 

Today's series with multiple books on sale include:
  • Each of the eight books in Michael Wallace's popular Righteous mystery/thriller series, set in a small polygamous community in the Utah desert, are on sale for 99c for Kindle, and you can get an extra 10% off if you get them all with 1 click  
  • A pair of books in Alex Kava's popular mystery/thriller series with Maggie O'Dell are on sale for $1.99 each for Kindle
The following 5 cozy mystery boxed sets with the first 3 books in a series are each only 99c for Kindle: 

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