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Friday, April 14, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 4/14/17

The flu struck minion is much improved, but Mrs. MRM is still in the midst of the worst of it. At least she has had a little more time to read than she usually does (always my favorite part of being sick!). Today we wind up the week with a nice batch of new mystery releases and discounted Kindle mysteries. If you missed yesterday's deals, you can find them hereAs always, be aware that when we include prices, they may not last and are subject to change. Please double-check before you buy.

Today's new mystery releases include:
  • Jennifer Berg's traditional historical mystery The Tugboat Murder, the second in her Elliott Bay series, set in Seattle in the 1950s
  • Diana Xarissa's Aunt Bessie Meets, the 13th in her popular Isle of Man British cozy series
  • Sam Cheever's Bad Haircut, the third in her Silver Hills humorous cozy senior sleuth series
  • Sara Bourgeios' Brewing Boys, the third in her Tree's Hollow Witches cozy series
  • Beth Yarnall's Wake Up, Maggie, the debut of her Misadventures of Maggie Mae cozy series
  • Roseanne Dowell's Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, the third in her Family Affair cozy series
  • Robert Bryndza's mystery/police procedural Last Breath, the fourth in his bestselling Erika Foster series
  • Maggie Pill's Eat, Drink, and Be Wary, the fifth in her Sleuth Sisters cozy series
  • Victoria LK Williams' The Flapper Caper, the sixth in her Citrus Beach cozy series

Today's discounted Kindle mysteries include:
  • Diane Vallere's Pillow Stalk, the debut of her Mad for Mod humorous cozy series from Henery Press
  • Amy Patricia Meade's Short-Circuited in Charlotte, the second in her 'Pret Near Perfect cozy series
  • Sarah Barthel's historical suspense novel House of Silence, set in Illinois in 1875 and featuring Mary Todd Lincoln in a supporting role
  • Dorothy Sayers' Five Red Herrings, the seventh in her classic traditional mystery series with Lord Peter Wimsey
  • James M Cain's hardboiled mystery/suspense collection The Baby in the Icebox and Other Short Fiction
  • Jane Haddam's Precious Blood, the second in her traditional mystery series with Gregor Demarkian
  • Mike Bond's mystery/thriller Killing Maine, the second in his Pono Hawkins series
  • Morgan James' Quiet Evil, the fifth in her highly regarded Promise McNeal paranormal cozy series
  • Diane Weiner's Murder is Collegiate, the seventh in her Susan Wiles Schoolhouse cozy mystery series
  • Lindsey Paley's Snowflakes and Cupcakes the debut of her Camille Carter British culinary cozy mystery series 
  • Evelyn Cullet's Masterpiece of Murder, the second on her Charlotte Ross cozy series
  • Patricia Gibney's British mystery/police procedural The Missing Ones, the debut of her DI Lottie Parker series
  • ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn's Caught in the Frame, the third in their Ponderosa Pines cozy series
  • Colleen Mooney's Dead and Breakfast, the second in her New Orleans Go Cup cozy series
  • JL Bryan's paranormal mystery/suspense novel Cold Shadows, the second in the Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series

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