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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

MRM Deals of the Day 4/12/17

Today we have a nice batch of Kindle book deals for you, with an especially strong group of series where multiple books in the series are on sale. If you missed yesterday's super-sized roundup of deals and new releases, you can find it here. As always, be aware that when we include prices, they may not last and are subject to change. Please double-check before you buy.

Today's new mystery releases include:
  • KE O'Connor's Witch Guy, the third in her highly regarded Old Sarum Cozy Witch Mystery series
  • Lynn McPherson's The Girls' Weekend Murder, the debut of her Izzy Walsh historical female sleuth series, set in New England in the 1950s
  • Vicki Delany's Blood and Belonging, the third in her Ray Robertson series
  • Carlie Lemont's debut cozy mystery Murder at a Discount
  • Maggie West's cozy mystery Pick a Tune, the sixth in her Antique Pickers in Paradise series

Today's discounted Kindle mysteries include:
  • Each of the first 4 books in Laura Caldwell's Shamus Award nominated series with entertainment lawyer Izzy McNeil are on sale for $1.99 for Kindle
  • Each of the 5 books in Caroline Fardig's humorous cozy series with Lizzie Hart are on sale for 99c
  • Each of the 3 books in Carrie Marsh's Millerfield Village cozy mystery series are on sale for 99c for Kindle
  • PD James' A Certain Justice, the tenth in her acclaimed traditional mystery series with Adam Dalgliesh
  • Sparkle Hayter's humorous female sleuth mystery Nice Girls Finish Last, the second in her Robin Hudson series
  • Dianne Harman's Murder and the Secret Cave, the second in her High Desert cozy series
  • Jill Paterson's Poisoned Palette, the sixth in her traditional mystery series with DCI Fitzjohn
  • Barry Day's Sherlock Holmes pastiche Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Deadly Sins Murders
  • Caroline Mitchell's well reviewed mystery/thriller The Silent Twin, the third in her popular Detective Jennifer Knight series
  • Donna White Glaser's The Secrets We Keep, the third in her Letty Whittaker 12 Step mystery series
  • Mollie Hunt's Cat's Paw, the third book in her highly regarded Crazy Cat Lady cozy series 
  • Anthea Fraser's traditional British mystery Six Proud Walkers, the sixth in her DCI Webb series
  • Christa Nardi's Murder at the Grill, the third in her Cold Creek small town cozy mystery series

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