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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

MRM Deals of the Day 6/26/18

Head on over to our 
MRM page at Amazon  to check out today's big batch of new cozy mystery releases, including books from Tonya Kappes, Kylie Logan, Elise Sax, Kate Carlisle, Becki Willis, Barbara Silkstone, Ritter Ames, Erin Huss, Alex Erickson, Amy Lillard, Linda Reilly, Sheila Connolly, Maggie West, Oliva Mathews, Laurien Berenson, Leigh Hearon, Saray Strohmeyer, Lucy May, JC Eaton, Mia McDonald and more! You will notice we no have 2 pages, one with the new releases and discounted books, and another with forthcoming books available for pre-orders. We will be adding more page, so if there is one (or more) that you would like to see, please let us know!


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