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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Co-Writing: A Partnership, a guest post by Janet Elizabeth Lynn

Author Janet Elizabeth Lynn joins us on the blog today to give us a peek at the intricacies of the co-writing with your spouse.  Check out the Skylar Drake mystery series to see the results of her partnership with husband Will Zeilinger. 

A Partnership
by Janet Elizabeth Lynn

My husband, Will Zeilinger, is also a published author.  We decided to come together and write a 1950s hard-boiled mystery, the Skylar Drake Murder Mystery series. 

When people learned we were going to write together, they insisted it wouldn't work, and they warned that it would ruin our marriage. Concerned, we took a business approach and set rules of professionalism, respect, and patience.

The first thing we did was set deadlines and stuck to them. We use a calendar starting when the book will be released and work backward. Deadlines included: chapter completion, plotting, character development, public relations... and anything else pertaining to the health and welfare of the manuscript.

The results? Slivers of Glass, Strange Markings, Desert Ice and Spike Hill (to be released 2/2018)...and yes, we're still married.

A co-writer's marital bliss

For more information, visit www.janetlynnauthor.com or Janet & Will's blog at www.themarriedauthors.blogspot.com.


  1. Co-writing isn't as hard as people think it is. I've been co-writing with Sally J. Smith for seven years now and we're still great friends. Great job you two.

  2. Thank you, we have been writing together for 4 years and have many more books in the works as co-writers. Glad to see others cowriting as well.

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