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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Mystery Releases 9/6/16

It is once again time to summarize the "first Tuesday" monthly new mystery releases. September's batch of 40+ new releases and reissues includes:

 Let us know if there are any that we missed!!


  1. Thanks loads for the list!!! The majority are new to me. My book dealer will love you when she gets my wish list. It is already a mile long. Learned about the cozy mysteries and all these sites about a year ago. Don't get nearly as many from the library as I used to. I have won a few. I really do prefer to keep books I really like on hand. To re-read. There are so many great writers out there. And I owe it all to Linda at Chatting About Cozies. She was the first one I stumbled across and that wonderful lady has put me in touch with so many other sites and authors I have been in 7th Heaven since. Della at deepotter@peoplepc.com

  2. Wow, what a list. I wish my book allowance would cover all of them. Not that my time would.

  3. Thank you for this amazing list. PBodi is new to me...so, I got her book..and the 6 TJ Jenson's from Kathi Daley too.... I am dying to read Margaret Cole...and gosh I haven't read a book from Carl Hiaasen since HooT...Love his books...Lots of great author here to choose from...


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