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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Mystery Releases 1/5/16

Today is the first "first Tuesday" of the new year, and as usual there is a big batch of interesting new mystery releases, including:

  • Julie Alter's Desperate for Death, the sixth in her Kelly O'Connell cozy mystery series
  • Jessica Beck's (aka Tim Myers) Raspberry Revenge, the 23rd in the popular Donut Shop cozy mystery series
  • Jacklyn Brady's The Cakes of Monte Christo, the sixth book in her Piece of Cake cozy mystery series
  • Gene Caffrey's Two Souls, the second book in his Owen Delaney series
  • Bailey Cattrell's Daisies for Innocence, the debut of her new Enchanted Garden cozy mystery series
  • Karen Chester's Throw a Monkey Wrench, the debut of her Emma Cassidy cozy series
  • JJ Cook's (Joyce and Jim Lavene) Sweet Pepper Hero, the fourth book in the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade cozy mystery series
  • Sarah Fox's Death in A Major, the second book in her Music Lover's cozy mystery series from Witness Impulse 
  • Lisa Gardner's Kindle Single 3 Truths and a Lie, a Detective DD Warren story
  • Lily Harper Hart's Ghostly Issues, the second book in her Harper Harlow paranormal cozy series
  • Julie Hyzy's Foreign Eclairs, her 9th and final book in her White House Chef cozy mystery series
  • Elle James' Voodoo on the Bayou, the first book in her Cajun Magic series 
  • Jane Jensen's Kingdom Come, the debut of her Elizabeth Harris/Amish mystery series
  • Killer Magic, a 99c for Kindle collection of 8 paranormal mystery/suspense books authored by Carolyn Haines, Pamela DuMond, Angie Fox, Connie Shelton, Joanne Pence, Denise Dietz, Carole Nelson Douglas and Harper Lin
  • Kelly Lane's One Foot in the Grove, the debut of her Olive Grove cozy mystery series
  • Victorial Laurie's A Ghoul's Guide to Love and Murder, the tenth book in her Ghost Hunter paranormal cozy mystery series
  • Joyce and Jim Lavene's Last Dance, the first book in their Sheriff Sharyn Howard series, has been reissued for $2.99 for Kindle
  • Amanda Lee's Freaky Days, the debut of her Mystic Caravan paranormal mystery series
  • Jenn McKinlay's Copy Cap Murder, the fourth book in her Hat Shop cozy mystery series
  • Tawni O'Dell's small town mystery/literary thriller Angels Burning
  • Diana Orgain's A Second Chance at Murder, the second book in her Love or Money cozy mystery series
  • Penny Pike's (aka Penny Warner) Death of a Bad Apple, the third book in her Food Festival culinary cozy mystery series
  • Mindy Quigley's The Mount Moriah Mysteries Box Set, with the first 3 books in her Reverend Lindsay Harding series
  • David Rosenfelt's mystery/thriller Blackout
  • Paige Shelton's To Helvetica and Back, the debut of her Dangerous Type cozy mystery series
  • Fran Stewart's A Wee Dose of Death, the second book in her ScotShop cozy mystery series
 Let us know if there are any we missed!


  1. Love this blog! Thanks, Must Read Mysteries!

    1. Thank you Julie! I found your blog post about the reasons for stopping writing the White House Chef series very enlightening and informative.

  2. There are always so many awesome mystery books listed on this blog :) I am so happy I found it! 2015 was such an awesome year for great books and I think 2016 is shaping up to be pretty fantastic too!! The book I enjoyed most this year was "Uncontrolled Spin" by author Jerry Summers (http://www.jerrysummersauthor.com/). The book is about a multimillionaire marketing expert, Sean Green, and his most recent client who is looking to put her apparel company on the map. During their “business” and “romantic” relationship Sean’s best friend is murdered and the twists and turns in the book don’t stop right up until the very end. This is the first book of the series and I am so excited to have found a book that not only keeps me hooked but offers more than just your typical murder mystery. I think Jerry Summers does a really good job at making it feel like a real romance and interlaces suspense and mystery in a really believable way. Hope you and your readers will check it out

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with "Uncontrollable Spin" with us Deborah!


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