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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Watson's Pic(k) of the Week - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Watson had a big adventure this week!  He hiked with 3/4 of the mini MRMs through an old apple orchard, sniffing and exploring all the way.  We came home with a bag full of apples and one tired pup.  He ate his lunch and thoroughly enjoyed his afternoon siesta.  He didn't even make it all the way from his food bowl to his bed.

This pooped-out pup's pick of the week is Good Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Stalkers Bite, a well-reviewed humorous cozy mystery from Teresa Watson.  This book is the first in Teresa's Charlie Bannerman mystery series.  Charlie is a freelance writer dealing with a naughty runaway pup, an exploding car, and a truck in her living room.  Check out this fun, suspenseful read and find out how Charlie deals with a rough week and her destructive stalker!  As of this posting, Good Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Stalkers Bite is available at only 99 cents for Kindle.  Don't forget to check out Teresa's other popular series, the Lizzie Crenshaw mysteries.

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